Nepal's most stunning treks
Posted on 25/08/2015 , Modified on 29/09/2015


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As Nepal reopens Mount Everest to climbers for the first time since a devastating earthquake hit the region in April, we take a look at the country's most incredible trekking opportunities. From short hikes with spectacular scenery to intense climbs with dizzying drops, these Nepalese treks will please beginners just as much as climbing addicts.

1. The "unknown" one

1. The

Kunchenjunga Base Camp Trek
Winding its way along Nepal's eastern border with Sikkim and Tibet, this particular Kunchenjunga trek is certainly a 'road less travelled'. We're talking some of the most remote scenery Nepal has to offer and a climb up to the base camp of the world's third highest peak. Here, you'll be fully in the company of locals, with only the most basic of teahouse lodging and a whole lot of wildlife for company - snow leopards and red pandas to name a few.

Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 12-20 days
Maximum elevation: 5,134m
Permits: RAP and KCA
Guide: Required

2. The challenging one

2. The challenging one
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Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek
This one requires some serious mettle. A favourite amongst the local guides, this trek will see you battling against snow fields, sheer drops and outdoor camping. In return, it offers its climbers an incredible lesson in sherpa culture and history, along with unimpeded views of the famous Annapurna range. Previous trekking experience is advised for Dhaulagiri, as well as specialist equipment for the three days on the snow fields.

Difficulty: High
Duration: 12-21 days
Maximum elevation; 5,360m
Permits: not required
Guide: optional but strongly advised, even for experienced trekkers (the snow fields are prone to white-outs which can last for days)

3. The "short and sweet" one

3. The
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Annapurna Dhaulagiri Panorama Trek
This trek is still relatively new and, at a maximum of seven days, is one of the less gruelling of Nepal's trekking options. But don't worry about compromising on the views, this trail takes you high into the Himalayas, through forested valleys and up above the cloud line to a sacred lake at the foot of Annapurna South. An early wake-up on Dhaulagiri will ensure spectacular sunrise scenes, whilst rural villages and hot springs await at the bottom at Tatopani.

Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 4-7 days
Maximum elevation: 3,210m
Permits: ACAP and TIMS
Guide: optional

4. The wild one

4. The wild one

Langtang Valley Trek
The Langtang Valley Trek is one of the most well-known and popular treks in the whole of Nepal for those wanting to immerse themselves into Tibetan culture. As the trek passes through the Himalayan Mountains in the North and the snowy terrains in the South it provides a variety of landscapes for hikers to enjoy. It's also likely that you will meet some Nepalese (originally Tibetans) along the way, working on the farmland or carrying out day to day village chores. The trek also offers the chance to pass through Langtang National Park, a home to monkeys, deer and pikas.

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Duration: 10 days
Maximum elevation: 5,050m
Permits: Free, National Park (Rs1,000)
Guide: Optional

5. The cultural one

5. The cultural one

Annapurna Circuit Trek
Ever since opening in 1977 the Annapurna Circuit has been one of the busiest hiking destinations in Nepal. It provides the opportunity to meet people of all various ethnic groups and communities for example the Gurung, Manangi and Thakali people as well as the chance to visit a monastery, a Hindu pilgrimage site and pass by the world's deepest gorge. The trek ends with the most beautiful backdrop of the Himalayan Mountains.

Difficulty: High
Duration: 18 days
Maximum elevation: 5,414m
Permits: ACAP and TIMS
Guide: Optional, trails clearly marked

6. The magical one

6. The magical one

Three Passes Trek
If you're looking for the trek with the biggest wow factor when it comes to scenery and magical mountainous views, the Three Passes Trek ticks both boxes. The trek offers not one, not two but three unfrequented high passes that allow hikers to be fully exposed to several snowy capped summits in the Himalayas and the Mount Everest region.

Difficulty: High
Duration: 26 days
Maximum elevation: 5,535m
Permits: TIMS
Guide: Advised

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