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New floating hotel and spa opens in Sweden
Posted on 08/02/2020


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Arctic Bath, a unique hotel floating on the Lule River near Swedish Lapland has finally opened its door to the public and couldn't be more extraordinary.

A perfect spot

A perfect spot
© Jakobradlgruber / 123RF

Floating on a river, it is a circular structure with an ice bath in the middle, three saunas, a spa and treatment rooms to create a perfect mix between luxury and nature.

The design is inspired by Swedish log-shipping traditions and uses local and eye-catching materials that are sustainable.

"You don't have to copy things made elsewhere, it's not interesting," said Arctic Bath architect Bertil Harström. "I think the interesting things come from your own history and your background."

It will be a great spot to discover the Northern Lights in the winter and the enjoy the midnight sun in the summer, as well as taking advantage of the treatments on offer, that include stone massages, facials, body peels and foot treatments.

Unique and environmental

Unique and environmental
© nikkiphoto / 123RF

For the designers and owners, the project was as much about protecting the environment as about creating a great experience for tourists. And, according to Harström, their ambitions are supported by the local government.

The hotel also promotes wellness and healthy nutrition by providing locally sourced ingredients such as honey, beef, fresh herbs, reindeer, moose and berries, that all come from the wild and do not have any pesticides or antibiotics.

"The architecture in combination with the location and the story is what makes the Arctic Bath Hotel unique. So far the reactions have been really positive. All our guests have been surprised," declared a representative.

With 12 rooms, Arctic Bath offers stays for 9600 SEK (Ł771) per night, on the basis of two people sharing water rooms and opting for half board services.