Posted on 06/09/2017

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New report reveals what travel customers want

A new report compiled by DMA, a marketing company, has uncovered holidaymakers favorite travel company as well as what airlines could do to improve customer trust.

The report shows that customer preferences in travel are hugely divers


At stood out for Scott Logie, chairman of the DMA customer engagement committee, was that "When people were asked to name their favorite companies to use for travel, the sheer volume of travel brands mentioned was somewhat surprising."

When customers were asked about putting their trust in businesses, 73% said that they trusted supermarkets, whilst hotel and accommodation brands received 65%, airlines 55%, and price comparison sites 54%. It seems that airlines have a lot to improve on - for 37% of customers, it was important that airlines didn't lie to them, but only half that number thought that the airlines followed through on this.

Another futuristic possibility that companies should take notice of is the fact that over half of those questioned said that they were interested in seeing their hotel room through a VR headset before booking it. 44% would also like to use augmented reality to obtain information about their intended destinations.

According to the report, customers look firstly for value for money (59%), followed by convenience (58%) and good customer service (58%). However, the report also found that people have different priorities when making the decision of whether or not remain loyal to a travel company. A good service experience came in top with 53%, with good deals and a good loyalty scheme both trailing at 40%.

"From household names to local travel agents, as well as the new online intermediaries. As individuals we want choice, but we also want to ensure our holidays are hassle free, so we go with companies we trust - even if that is the small local travel agent."