New travel app for plane socialites
Posted on 16/11/2014

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TECHNOLOGY: A recently updated version of travel app Quicket has added a "social check-in" option to its platform, allowing app users to connect with passengers on the same flight before departure.

View of seats in plane

View of seats in plane
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App users can "check in" for their flight to see if any other passengers have done the same. This can be done either anonymously, by providing a name or a name and a Facebook profile. Once checked in, users will then be able to surf the profiles of anyone who has uploaded their details to the app. Other features on the app allow users to search for and book flights, check their flight status and get directions to airport gates through hundreds of airport maps.

Needless to say, the new app did not make it onto our list of the best travel apps for 2015.

It has been slammed by many as a rather creepy addition to an otherwise useful travel app, though a spokesperson assured the HuffPost: "Only users who approve the social feature will be presented on the flight."


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