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Window seat app identifies landmarks from 35,000 feet
Posted on 11/04/2016 18 shares

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Ever wondered what you're flying over? This new application is perfect for the curious traveller...

If you're lucky enough to fly on a clear day, plane windows can give you an unparalleled bird's eye view of cities, mountains, lakes and rivers, but identifying them from 35,000 feet is tricky. A new smartphone app called the Flyover Country allows passengers to recognise and explore what they are flying over as they travel to their destination.

Make the most of the birdseye views

Make the most of the birdseye views
K. M. Gong/flickr

The app uses both geological and paleontological databases, as well as Wikipedia information, to provide users with knowledge of what lies beneath them. Flight paths must be entered before take off as the app works offline.

The man behind the concept, Shane Loeffler, is a frequent flyer himself and says the idea was spawned from a constant curiosity while he was airborne.

Co-developer Amy Myrbo, who also studies geology at the University of Minnesota, described the app as "sort of a planetarium for the Earth," and hopes it will encourage people to learn about the sciences.

So next time you take a flight, get hold of this app before and when you touch down, you will feel totally enriched!

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