A New York food truck is exclusively serving 'poisonous' meals

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In order to educate the public on the dangers that people with food allergies can face on a daily basis, a New York based food truck is selling only toxic dishes to its customers. It will surely make you think twice before placing your order!

A very special food truck can now be spotted on the streets of NYC

A very special food truck can now be spotted on the streets of NYC

Attention to the more adventurous amongst you, if you find yourself navigating the buzzing streets of New York City be sure to keep your eyes peeled, for you may come face to face with something quite extraordinary. A very special food truck has taken up residence just outside Madison Square Park; it's called "Khil Mi". Now if the name alone is not enough to make you steer clear, we should advice you that every single thing on its menu is?poisonous!

Launched by the association "End Allergies Together", the food truck aims first and foremost to raise public awareness of a problem which is become more and more common throughout the country. In support of this noble cause a few brave, and hungry, passersby can sample a range of dishes all prepared using poisonous ingredients by famous chef Ming Tsai. If these ingredients are not properly prepared they can cause symptoms very similar to those experience by people with severe food allergies.

Currently around the world there are nearly 200 million people that suffer from serious food allergies which have a profound impact on their daily lives, especially when it comes to eating out. So if you find yourself in that part of New York and wish to support a good cause, why not try one of Khil Mi's original dishes?

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