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New York set to build 250 miles of protected cycle lanes
Posted on 15/01/2020

TransportUnited States of America

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To protect the city's cyclists, New York authorities plans to invest close to $1.7 Billion in the construction of around 250 miles worth of cycle lanes. The plan is expected to be unveiled by December 2021 and makes up part of an attempt to improve traffic conditions in the Big Apple.

New York is attempting to end the reign of terror from cars in their city. At the end of October, the city council approved a plan to facilitate the creation of 250 miles of protected cycle lanes over 5 years. The project also plans to create 93,000 square meters of pedestrian-friendly spaces alongside the introduction of priority traffic lights for buses. The plan will be launched in December 2021 with an estimated total cost of $1.7 billion.

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The city already boasts to have around 1243 miles of cycle lanes as the mayor, Bill de Blasio, is pleased to have added four times as many miles of cycle lanes than all the previous mayors put together.

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However, in this vast existing network, only 10% are protected from surrounding traffic by barriers. Safety concerns have been mounting as 25 cyclists New York died in 2019 which is the worst mortality rate seen in 20 years.

Motorists' response to these new measures not yet clear as traffic in the city and parking availability is already very poor, especially in New York's city centre. Hopefully, residents will welcome the bold measures to promote eco-friendly transport and improve road safety.