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Nigeria: Plateau state clash leaves 86 dead
Posted on 25/06/2018


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Violence between Berom famers and Fulani herders in Nigeria is not foreign to the country.

Tensions spillover in Nigeria

Tensions spillover in Nigeria

At least 86 people have died after an outbreak of violence in central Nigeria after violent clashes between farmers and cattle herders.

The attacks took place on Thursday when ethnic Berom farmers attacked Fulani herders.

This resulted in five deaths before the response of the herders who killed a handful of farmers in retaliation.

The conflict is said to have been withstanding for some years concerning different ethnic groups competing for land.

In addition to the violence, there were houses and vehicles burnt during the riots.

As a result a curfew was put in place across three parts of the state. The curfew was from 18:00 to 06:00 local time and it aimed to avert breakdown of law and order.