Oktoberfest visitors tried to steal almost 100,000 beer mugs this year
Posted on 11/10/2019


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Other statistics included 7.3 million beers consumed and 414 people stopped for driving an electric scooter under the influence.

The millions of litres of beer consumed every year at Munich's Oktoberfest are widely reported, but what about the number of beer mugs stolen? This year, organizers confiscated around 96,912 beer mugs either at the exits or in the drinking tents. That number is actually slightly lower than last year's, which saw about 101,000 mugs confiscated.

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The official beer stein is still available for purchase online for 18 EUR, and a 1 liter glass mug goes for 14 EUR. Unfortunately, the 1 liter glass mug is out of stock, but the official stein is still available! While getting the mug for free might seem preferable to some, especially after a few pints, the organizers don't take too kindly to lifting a free souvenir.

More than 6 million people attended this year's Oktoberfest, and roughly 7.3 million beers were consumed. This means that someone tried to take home 1 out of every 75 beer mugs. The number of beers consumed was actually 200,000 fewer than the previous year, which could amount for the slightly lower number of mugs confiscated.


Other statistics include the top 10 visitor countries: the US, UK, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, Sweden and Denmark. Crime was down on the whole at this year's Oktoberfest, but drunk driving increased. 414 of the 774 people stopped for driving under the influence were driving electric scooters.

The lost and found tallied up 3,800 left items, which included one set of false teeth and thankfully only one wedding ring.

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