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On the trail of Bridgerton in the picturesque city of Bath

Bridgerton in Bath - © gowithstock / Shutterstock

Who hasn't heard of the TV series 'Bridgerton', launched by Netflix in December 2020? This intriguing story, based on the novels written by American author Julia Queen, is set in 19th century England and filmed almost entirely in the southwest of the country, in picturesque Bath. If you want to retrace the steps of the dashing Duke and Duchess of Hastings, here's a little tour of the set of last year's best-loved TV series.

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The city of Bath, famous for its thermal baths and Georgian architecture, seems to come straight out of a storybook. Thus, it's no surprise that the producers of the Bridgerton series chose it as their location. Bath, nestled in the hills of Somerset, is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and well worth a visit for that reason alone. To visit Bath is to take a trip back in time and discover true English charm. 

Pickled Greens

Bridgerton's leading ladies wear beautiful clothes and Daphne, Eloise Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington regularly visit milliner Madame Delacroix's shop, a warm and welcoming place. Outside, the crew fell in love with the facade of the Pickled Greens cafe & shop, a small café in Bath, and decided that they would use it as one of the iconic places in the series.

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Bath Street and Beauford Square

In the series, one mystery shapes the story: who is Lady Whistledow? What does this woman who knows all the gossip of English high society wants? This enigma revolves around the characters of Eloise and Penelope, who, like two detectives, try to find out who is behind Lady Whistledow's pseudonym during their walks through the city. These street scenes were filmed in several locations: Bath Street, where the spa is located, Beauford Square and Trim Street. Here you can feel the atmosphere of another era, strolling between historic facades on cobbled streets.  

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Assembly Rooms

Several scenes were set in the Assembly Rooms in Bath. The Assembly Rooms were once an important meeting place and can now be visited or used for various ceremonies. The lavish parties, at which Bridgerton's actors meet, and gossip, were filmed at the Guildhall in the heart of the city. It's a building constructed between 1775 and 1778 at the initiative of Thomas Baldwin.

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