20 paradise beach destinations to visit at least once

TipAntigua and Barbuda

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The temperatures are ever so slightly starting to rise at home, but getting our hopes up every time the sun peeks out of the clouds is a tireless game. Perhaps it is time to begin summer holiday planning - all we are in search of is a tiny slice of paradise...

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  • Antigua

    An island paradise in the West Indies where you can pick from hundreds of stretches of soft, pink-tinted sandy beaches surrounded by reef-filled turquoise sea. Sit and watch the yachts sailing by, sipping on one of the island's famous fruity cocktails and watch the sun slowly slip off the horizon.

  • Bahamas
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    Take on an ocean adventure in some of the clearest waters on the entire planet. The Bahamas are not only colourful in character and charm but also in natural beauty. Lounge on pink-tinged sandy beaches gazing out over the expanse of blue before you or explore everything it has to offer under the water.

  • Bali

    For the ultimate paradise beach holiday, Bali has everything you are looking for. It's a favourite Indonesian island for good reason, with an assortment of charming beaches, captivating natural beauty and wonderfully spiritual element. Take part in some of the best yoga or meditation retreats in the world for the full experience.

  • Barbados

    From spectacular turquoise seas to stunning beaches and fantastic food, Barbados is certainly a luxurious paradise. Whether its scuba diving or waterskiing in the Caribbean Sea, or sipping on a cocktail at sundown, the charm and natural beauty of this heavenly island are not to be missed.

  • Bora Bora
    Bora Bora

    The epitome of paradise. Pass what feels like days, weeks, months of relaxation in a turquoise lagoon surrounded by the sandy islets which make up Bora Bora. Swim, snorkel, scuba dive, or just sit back and absorb the heaven made up of a stunning palette of blue skies and blue waters.


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Bella Eadie
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