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Futuristic and floating: Paris plans glass-walled gym boat
Posted on 23/02/2017


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The Paris Navigating Gym is a 65ft long glass-walled vessel that will let fitness freaks glide up and down the River Seine whilst working out, yet another reason to visit the enchanting French capital (not that you really need one).

The fruits of an Italian firm seeking to revolutionise the way in which we work out, Paris's latest idea for a gym isn't your regular sweat- and machine-filled room. With elegant glass walls along its 65ft length, the Paris Navigating Gym promises to be the French capital's first work out space on water.

The Paris Navigating Gym

The Paris Navigating Gym

With capacity of up to 45 people, not only is the gym and its stunning panoramic views of the river Seine motivation enough to ramp up the gradient on your cross trainer, but the vessel is powered by the energy generated from the pedals of the exercise machines themselves.

Though still in its planning stages, this innovative urban idea is set to be open all year round. In the event that it is not filled to capacity, it will maintain its eco-friendly ethos by running on renewable energy produced by photovoltaic cells on its rooftop.

"It's fascinating to see how the energy generated by a workout at the gym can actually help to propel a boat. It provides one with a tangible experience of what lies behind the often abstract notion of electric power", said Carlo Ratti, founder of the firm.

Based on les Bateaux Mouches, the traditional French ferry boats that have carried tourists along the Seine since the early 20th Century, the Paris Navigating System has been described as "completely doable", even if only at a concept stage at the moment.

Plans for the floating gym should be finalised within 18 months, and designers Carlo Ratti Associati later plan to expand the idea to other European cities. Stay tuned - it's the ultimate way to burn off those buttery baguettes after a weekend eating your way around the French capital.

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