Ten times Star Wars influenced artwork
Posted on 28/10/2015


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In homage to the famous sci-fi saga and its latest installment, due to hit cinemas in December, a small Parisian gallery has collected together some of the best fan art of all time.

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  • Eye of the storm
    Eye of the storm

    Battle may be raging all around him but Darth Vader knows how to keep his cool.

  • C-3PO's Shakespearean side
    C-3PO's Shakespearean side

    The robot's latest look is rather noble, complete with ruff and flowing cape.

  • Your empire sucks
    Your empire sucks

    Unsure whether the Lego figures come included.

  • It's all over for R2-D2
    It's all over for R2-D2

    Speed bumps are a tricky obstacle for all of us.

  • Angel Yoda
    Angel Yoda

    He's always had a special place in our hearts.


In the small Sakura gallery, hidden amongst the narrow streets of Paris' Marais district, you'll find more than a few famous faces. Darth Vader on the toilet with magazine in hand, C3PO posing for a Shakespearean portrait, Yoda donning a pair of angel's wings; the bizarre list goes on. They are part of the gallery's latest exhibition, which has brought together 150 works of art from internationally recognised artists, all inspired by George Lucas's Star Wars saga.

Due to run until January 15, the exhibition includes everything from ornate sculptures and perfectly created replicas, to manipulated photographs and Lego figurines. Sure to delight even the most fleeting of Star Wars fans, the works above are just a taster of the madness you'll find inside.

All works available for purchase through galerie-sakura.com.


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