Pittsburgh Airport welcomes non-flyers in bid to boost business

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Most of us dread the thought of the often hectic and stressful hours spent at the airport, a thought that is only made better by the knowledge that you will soon be arriving at your holiday destination. But imagine going to an airport and going through the usual security procedures, only at the end of it all you don't board a plane.

Welcome, non-flyers!

Welcome, non-flyers!
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Pittsburgh airport used to represent a key transport hub, yet in recent years the numbers of passengers that pass through the airport have decreased by more than 50%. To combat the drop in business the airport is planning to open numerous facilities for non-flyers. This could either be categorized as a truly bizarre, or an ingenious way of bringing in extra business.

Pittsburgh's innovative idea will become a reality on September 5th, when members of the public will be able to enter the airport and browse the extensive shops and dine at the variety of restaurants available without having to fly somewhere.The same applies for customers of the airport's Hyatt hotel whose shopping and dining needs will now all be catered for at the airport.

An added bonus is that members of the public can choose to come to escort friends and family onto flights or meet them once their flight has landed if they require that little bit more assistance.

Of course this move could be quite controversial given recent airport scares and increased terrorist threats, but we are assured that not just anyone will be able to wander into the airport. A form of identification is required (driving license is accepted) and you will need a 'myPITpass' - the equivalent of a boarding pass. Additionally there are of course further checks and additional security measures. Each visitor is vetted and checked against a no-fly list, and you must follow the same security procedure as you would if you were flying.

Perhaps it's more hassle than it's worth, but only time will tell if Pittsburgh's new no-fly venture is a success.

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Charlie Campbell
Posted on 03/09/2017
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