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Places that have been influenced by French architecture
Posted on 31/03/2018


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The French are renowned for their beautiful and unique architecture. The first architecture institution in the world was founded in France in 1671 and French architecture has long been recognized worldwide. Check out our list of places influenced by French architecture from around the world. From Romanesque to Renaissance styles French architecture has had a longlasting imprint in other nations.

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  • Quebec City, Canada
    Quebec City, Canada

    Once the capital of New France, Quebec has a fair amount of French influence in the city's architecture. There's massive evidence of the French style in a number of religious orders such as convents and schools in Canada's most French city. For instance, L'aiel de la Procure, built between 1678 and 1681 for Quebec City's seminary priests, is a clear example of the French architectural influence. Roughcast walls, the pavilion at the far end and the bell turret that rises above the building are very typical French architectural features.

  • Hanoi, Vietnam
    Hanoi, Vietnam

    France officially began to colonize Vietnam in 1874, thus cities such as Hanoi depict the predominant French architectural culture that has been left behind, even after the French were forced out of the country in 1954. Building such as St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi Opera House and the Presidential Palace are all examples of French influenced architecture that it now loved by the locals and they are also some of the city's most famous buildings.

  • Pondicherry, India
    Pondicherry, India

    Pondicherry was once a French colony. Therefore, many people still speak French and subsequently have adopted many French mannerisms. The city has many French style buildings and these are an indication of colonial architectural influence. Cercle De Pondicherry, Public Works Department, Legislative Assembly, Le Foyer Du Soldat, LyceeFrancais and Raj Nivas are some of the many beautiful buildings in Pondicherry that reflect the famous Gothic style of the French.

  • Phnom Penh, Cambodia
    Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    Cambodia was under French rule for nearly a century and when the ruins of Angkor were discovered during World War II, it was the French who restored the temples. Although an independent nation, the colonial past is still rather evident in the capital city's architecture. In the Center of the city is where the biggest concentration of these buildings can be found with sweeping boulevards that are reminiscent of Paris.

  • Casablanca, Morocco
    Casablanca, Morocco

    In 1912 concerns were raised as to the numerous unplanned structures and buildings that were appearing so the French occupation decided to take action and impose certain restrictions that would shape the future of Moroccan architecture. A law pass passed that buildings could not be more than four stories high, that roofs should be level and that balconies should not allow residents to look out over their neighbors. It was also ruled that only 80 percent of land was to build on the remaining 20 percent was for a pretty gardens or attractive courtyards. It is in Casablanca that we can clearly identify an influence of French styles.


French colonial architecture has esthetically changed multiple cities worldwide. Former French colonies have been reluctant to promote their colonial architecture but in more recent times the new "locals" have started to embrace this architecture and advertise it.

Apart from French colonial architecture there have been borrowings of French styles, designs and French materials. These borrowings are equally still visible in grand cities that have chosen to implement the unique French designs.