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Toronto's newest cafe delights with unusual theme
Posted on 22/03/2018


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With ice bars, cat cafes, dog cafes, and wine bars all a thing of the past, it seems that we are in desperate need of a new and unusual theme to create a watering hole around. Well good news, there is a cafe in Toronto that has done just that - Poop Café. Its theme should not be too difficult to figure out...

Tastes better than it looks!

Tastes better than it looks!
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So, can a poop theme be cute, or at least worthy of having a café built around it? The answer, at least according to the owners of Toronto's new dessert bar, seems to be a definitive 'yes'. Everything at this quaint café is somehow based around poo. Doesn't sound too appealing, does it? However visitors come here from all over the world to enjoy everything from ice cream and cakes to coffees decorating with chocolate...sprinkles...

However, the café's selling point is not so much the food, but rather the décor. The seats are old toilet bowls, poop emojis are painted on the walls, and the coffees are served in decorative mini toilets.

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Once you get over your initial apprehension, Poop Café is very easy to enjoy. The desserts are colorful and delicious and the decorations are memorable. It seems that for the creators of Poop Café the main objective was to make the place 'cute' - something they have achieved.

While the concept is old news in Asia, Poop Café is the first such establishment in the West. So if the idea of eating out of a toilet does not bother you, bon appetit.

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