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10 reasons to plan a UK road trip this spring
Posted on 24/02/2017

NatureUnited Kingdom

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Home to three countries, incredible stretches of coastal road, and vast swathes of countryside, the UK is an ideal road trip destination all year round. But spring brings with it some of the most beautiful colours this already verdant isle sees in the space of a year, and with sterling so low you'd be a fool to consider going anywhere else. Buckle up, it's road trip time.

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  • Stop at Spalding
    Stop at Spalding

    Thanks to long-standing ties with the Netherlands, this small English town in Lincolnshire has become famous for its tulips. From standard red and yellow varities, to weird and wonderful blooms, you'll find tulip fields here to rival those across the North Sea. Head to Springfields Gardens, where you'll find a beautifully landscaped tulip garden, as well as daffodils and hyacinths. If you visit in early May, you'll catch the annual flower parade, where tulip heads are used to decorate all kinds of floats that parade their way through the town.

  • Call in at Kew Gardens
    Call in at Kew Gardens

    The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew is one of the best places in London to sample the Great Outdoors. Although gorgeous all year round, everything really starts to come to life at Kew in springtime. The daffodil promenade along the broadwalk will bring you some sunshine even on a rainy day. If it's spring blossom that you're after, the Cherry walk is lined by cherry blossom trees, which start to bloom from around mid-March.

  • Adventure up to Moray Firth
    Adventure up to Moray Firth

    It's not just farmyard animals that produce young at this time of year. Towards Inverness at Chanonry Point, Moray Firth is full of new born dolphins and their mothers. As well as the stunning views across the firth to Fort George, the coastline offers views of the dolphins themselves. For the best chance of spotting a baby, head to the coast two hours before high tide and, although tempting, avoid taking a boat trip as the motors can frighten younger dolphins.

  • Chug into Chartwell
    Chug into Chartwell

    Once the home of Winston Churchill, the Chartwell Estate is an archetypal English country mansion. Set in the rolling Kent countryside, the sleepy gardens come to life in spring. Woodland trails, vast lakes and neatly mowed lawns surround the house, but arguably the best thing about the estate is its kitchen garden. Enclosed by a wall built by Churchill himself, the vegetable patches shine bright green at this time of year and begin to feed the kitchen of the estate's restaurant. There are over 50 apple trees, as well currant bushes, plum and cherry trees - all covered in pink and white blossom from April onwards.

  • Explore the bluebell trail at Ashridge
    Explore the bluebell trail at Ashridge

    A stretch of land spread across 2,000 acres over the Chiltern Hills in Hertfordshire, Ashridge is home to vast mature woodland, with hundreds upon hundreds of beech and oak trees. Winding in and out of forest, the area offers views of picture-perfect villages below and a carpet of English bluebells to guide you on your way. Old Copse is by far the best spot, where the sea of little blue flowers could go on forever.