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You can now rent your very own uninhabited island in Japan
Posted on 23/02/2018 , Modified on 02/03/2018


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Sick and tired of constantly being surrounded by crowds of tourists while on holiday? Good news, you can now rent an uninhabited island in Japan - a sure way to get a bit of peace and quiet!

Perfect for those seeking a bit of solitude while on holiday

Perfect for those seeking a bit of solitude while on holiday
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The private slice of paradise is located in Japan's Seto Inland Sea, which separates three of the country's four main islands. To reach Tatebajima Island, also known as 'Kujira-Jima' or Whale Island, visitors must take a 30 minutes boat ride from Uno Port in Tamano, Okayama. The 2km squared island boasts camping and barbecue facilities as well as a number of other outdoor activities.

The island will be available to rent as of April 28 for groups of between 4 and 80 people. To ensure maximum privacy Tatebajima will be rented exclusively to one group at a time.

The ultimate private island retreat will cost 21,600 yen ($202) a night, including camping facilities and transport to and from Uno Port. If there is no other booking scheduled for the following day, visitors can extend their stay for another night for an additional 10,800 yen ($101). For 10,800 yen it is also possible to visit the island for a day trip without spending the night.