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Reopening of schools in September threatened by Coronavirus second wave
Posted on 03/08/2020

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Although the government seems keen to reopen schools in autumn and get students back in classrooms after a full six months of closure, it seems the threat of a second wave is putting a brake on it, forcing everyone to be more cautious about the situation and the future of the country.

A rise in cases

A rise in cases
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"Getting children back into proper lessons is important for their wellbeing and for parents who want to get back to work. That could be pushed of course if the rises in Spain and other European countries is repeated here", said a minister.

The risk of a second quarantine is something culture secretary Oliver Dowden warned people about: "Just bear in mind that this may happen, and sadly it has happened in Spain," he said.

Boris Johnson has also declared being on alert for a "second wave" of Covid-19 given the new cases rising around Europe. "We are watching what's happening in Europe very closely because last time we were a few weeks behind, which would take you to something like late August, or early September. Hence why we have moved very quickly on Spain."

Avis Gilmore, deputy general secretary of the National Education Union, also commented: "The government needs a Plan B in the event that its guidance does not work or if cases are higher by the time we get to September. We have repeatedly urged for a Plan B to be put in place."

But if many are worried about financial losses for airports, domestic film and TV productions, as well as theatres, a testing regime still hasn't been put in place for passengers at airports, which is a mistake according to Heathrow CEO, who said that "without it, Britain is just playing a game of quarantine roulette."