Resurgence of coronavirus cases sweeps fear across Europe
Posted on 16/09/2020

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As the summer is drawing to a close, and European cities are bustling with life again, many countries are beginning to experience their highest daily counts in coronavirus cases since the outbreak in spring. As Europe heads into the colder season, when other infectious diseases are rampant, everyone is bracing themselves for a second wave of COVID19.

A new phase in the pandemic

A new phase in the pandemic

Countries currently facing a resurgence of cases include France, Germany, Spain and Italy - along with some central European countries that were left almost unscathed during the first wave, like Hungary, Czech Republic and Croatia.

Amongst the many things that have changed, mandatory masks and social distancing have been put into place in public areas, but despite these efforts, many populated cities are finding it hard to keep up with the regulations. Europe is now facing bursts of infections all around. With a rise in fear, the governments of some countries have started taking action to slow down the infection rate, without yet relying on a second lockdown.

"We cannot bring the country to a halt, because the collateral damage of confinement is considerable," expressed French President, Emmanuel Macron. On the contrary to its neighbours, Hungary has already closed its borders for the month of September, after seeing a rapid rise in daily coronavirus cases.

When the international borders opened up in the summer, many travellers crossed countries to vacation in sunnier places, bringing the virus along with them. Because of this, many countries, including relatively safe travel destinations like Croatia and Greece, are imposing compulsory self-quarantine of at least 14 days to travellers coming from high risk countries.

Germany is one of the countries that saw a rise in their daily COVID cases because of the return of vacationers and, in an attempt to avoid closing international borders again, the government has set up free COVID testing in airports for all travellers to take upon their arrival. "I don't think we're just going to close the borders again. Politically, we really want to avoid that at all costs", said German chancellor Angela Merkel.

Of all the countries facing a resurgence, the UK has been hit hard, forcing the government to take strict action and implement the rule of six. But many other European countries are also waiting for their respective governments to roll out new precautionary measures, in order to prepare for the upcoming months.