Sleeping on a floating hotel
Posted on 20/01/2016


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If staying in standard hotels on dry land has got a bit dull for you, why not check out these designs for a future floating hotel which will allow you to bob along with nature.

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  • Catamaran bedroom
    Catamaran bedroom

Serbian architectural company Salt & Water recently released designs for a sleek, futuristic floating hotel, complete with catamaran bedrooms. The hotel will consist of two main parts: a floating element and a fixed element. The fixed part of the hotel will house a restaurant, café, offices, a room for functions and the reception, while the bedrooms will be free to float by themselves when not attached to the dock.

The aim of the designs is that holiday goers will be able navigate their own private pod-like catamaran hotel rooms wherever they please along the waters of their chosen destination. The intention of designers is to bring people to beautiful, untouched parts of the world with inland waters so everyone can truly appreciate their natural beauty while being so close to it.

On the catamarans, clients can move to the rhythm of the waves and the rhythm of nature, offering a welcome break from the stress of everyday life. The brilliant design took home a top award at the Millennium Yacht Design Awards 2015.


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