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The world's smallest animals and where to find them
Posted on 01/08/2016 , Modified on 03/08/2016


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Cute, scary, loveable or disgusting, these creatures are the smallest of their species.

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  • The world's smallest animals
    The world's smallest animals

    From weasels to monkeys, this tour of the world's smallest animals features 13 of the tiniest species on the planet. Some are simply adorable, some are pretty scary and others are plain disgusting. Well nature didn't make us all equal.

  • The smallest meat-eater
    The smallest meat-eater

    Found all over the UK and other parts of Europe, weasels usually vary in length between 17 and 28 cm and weigh around 65 grams. But don't let this little cutie's size trick you, weasels feed on small mammals. No rabbit is safe around these meat-eaters.

  • The smallest rodent
    The smallest rodent

    The jerboa is a proud if tiny inhabitant of Northern Africa's and Asia's deserts. When chased, these little fellows can run at up to 15 miles per hour. They're often called micro-kangaroos.

  • The smallest turle
    The smallest turle

    The speckled tortoise is the world's smallest tortoise. It is naturally restricted to small areas in South Africa and Southern Namibia. The species is threatened by road traffic, habitat destruction and poaching for the pet trade. Come on guys, how about a more sustainable pet?

  • The smallest vertebrate
    The smallest vertebrate

    Paedophryne amanuensis is so small that it was not discovered until 2009. The Papua New Guinea species, one of the Top 10 New Species of 2013, reaches an average body size of just 7.7 millimeters (0.30 in).