Take a ride on the highest railway in Europe
Posted on 08/03/2016


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Snaking up through the Alps to Europe's highest railway pass, let's just say that the views from the Bernina Express are truly unique.

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    The Bernina Express

In a beautiful series of images, Italian photographers Marco Bottigelli and Francesco Vaninetti have captured the magic of the Bernina Express - the train which connects Chur in eastern Switzerland to Tirano in northern Italy.

The photographers took the train, disembarking between the Swiss towns of Schmitten and Filisur to scout out the best locations to snap the red engine as it crossed the 213-foot-high limestone viaduct, which claims to be the highest railway pass in Europe. The line spans 75 miles of railroad, passing through 55 tunnels and crossing 196 bridges.

Both photographers said they were helped by recent heavy snowfall which allowed them to use the train as a splash of colour on a pure white canvas as it passed through the Alps. "I have never seen views like this on a train - it was absolutely spectacular," said Marco.

"Our favourite part of the trip was seeing the train travel over the Landwasser Viaduct. The train comes out of a mountain cave and right onto a 213-feet-high, six-curved arch limestone bridge. The bright, red colour of the train carriages really stood out against the crisp snow and blue skies."

The railway was laid between 1908 and 1910, running independently until 1940s when it was bought by the Swiss transport company, Rhaetian Railway, which still owns it today.

Should hopping aboard this train tickle your fancy, tickets are priced at around 70 for a normal seat or 110 for panoramic seats and can be reserved here.

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