Video combines shots of incredible night skies
Posted on 04/01/2016 10 shares


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If you're feeling a bit stressed out or you need a little breather, this is the video for you. Sriram Murali has documented some of the most beautiful night skies, taking you on a zen-like journey around the globe...

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  • Sunset
    YouTube/Sriram Murali
  • Stunning colours
    Stunning colours
    YouTube/Sriram Murali
  • The milkyway, far away
    The milkyway, far away
    YouTube/Sriram Murali
  • Impressive stars
    Impressive stars
    YouTube/Sriram Murali
  • Sunset over the ocean
    Sunset over the ocean
    YouTube/Sriram Murali

Photographer and Google analyst Sriram Murali spent the latter half of 2015 documenting his travels through the skies over California, Arizona, Hawaii and Kenya. From September to November he snapped a mere 5,000 photographs including sunsets, fluffy clouds, crashing waves and incredible shooting stars from some of the world's best dark sky locations.

VIDEO: Into the Night

The incredible video captures fantastic shots of the night sky, while also demonstrating a greater significance. According to the photographer, he wanted to show the audience a real perspective of human lives. The video also demonstrates the importance of the night sky to humans, showing that no matter how big our problems may seem, the universe is always so much bigger.


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