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Stupid things that could get you arrested abroad
Posted on 25/06/2016


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Before travelling to some countries, it's worth trying to get to grips with the rules and regulations, not to mention the customs, of the locals. If not, you could find yourself in a whole world of trouble...

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  • Kinder Eggs in the USA
    Kinder Eggs in the USA

    Who didn't use to love being given a Kinder Egg as a child? As combos go, they don't come much better than chocolate and a toy but for kids in the land of the free that's not even a possibility. In 1938, a law was introduced which banned sweets containing surprises citing safety concerns.

  • Watching men's sports in Iran
    Watching men's sports in Iran

    Not only does Iran's Islamic code lay out strict rules on how women are allowed to dress and how they can post photos on social media, it also prohibits women from spectating at certain male sporting events. Believe it or not, doing so could land you behind bars for up to two years!

  • Ponytails and topknots in Iran
    Ponytails and topknots in Iran

    Ponytails, mohicans, spikey or gelled hair on men are banned in Iran because of its strict Islamic code of law. The Shiite country bans any influences which it deems a threat to its population's morals and traditions. The Government of Iran even went so far as to publish a catalogue of acceptable and appropriate haircuts for its citizens - at least you won't see any topknots!

  • Switzerland's toilet trouble
    Switzerland's toilet trouble

    The Swiss are known for precision in everything they do but it's hard to understand how this extends as far as their use of the loo. In order to guarantee a good night's sleep for you neighbours, it's actually illegal to flush the toilet after 10pm in some areas. Here's hoping you can hold off nature's call until the morning!

  • Pokémon in Saudi Arabia
    Pokémon in Saudi Arabia

    According to Saudi officials, the stars used on Pokémon cards are part of a mass Jewish conspiracy to corrupt the morals of the Muslim population. Claiming that the stars resemble the Star of David, the fatwa banned anything related to Pikachu and co.


It's no secret that some countries, including are own, have written some seriously strange laws. Though you may know to respect them in your home nation, other acts abroad could leave you facing the possibility of jail time. From finding yourself in deep water over a Kinder Egg in the USA to dressing in yellow in Malaysia, these laws are ones you'll want to watch out for on your travels.

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