Top 10 adventure holidays for this summer
Posted on 25/04/2017


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Although lounging on a sun-drenched beach is always a sure-fire choice, injecting a little adrenaline into your summer holiday isn't too bad of an idea, either. Here's our top 10 adventure holidays.

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  • Torres del Paine, Chile
    Torres del Paine, Chile

    Said to be the Eighth Wonder of the World, the region of Patagonia encompasses huge expanses of land in the south of Chile and Argentina. On the Chilean side, the coveted Torres del Paine National park is a mandatory bucket list destination for any hikers, explorers and nature lovers as the granite peaks of the Torres themselves will take your breath away.

  • Costa Rica
    Costa Rica

    Whether you're spotting monkeys and sloths in one of Costa Rica's numerous national parks or embarking upon a spot of zip lining 300 metres high in the lush rainforest canopy, Costa Rica is a thrill-seeker's ideal destination. There's even a bridge from which you can peer down on a sea of crocodiles below.

  • Iceland

    Less a destination and more an adventure, Iceland is a feast for the eyes. From the craggy crater of the dormant Thrihnukagigur volcano to its colourful rock formations created by magma and sulphur gases, it's no wonder that Iceland has been dubbed 'the land of fire and ice'. The Northern Lights are what everyone hopes to see, but if not, places such as Țingvellir National Park will keep you more than occupied.

  • Chobe, Botswana
    Chobe, Botswana

    Boasting 580 types of birds, 75 species of large mammals and 2500 varieties of plants, Botswana makes a fantastic safari adventure holiday destination. Chobe National Park may be the second largest in the country, but there's nothing second-rate about it. Here you can see some of the 40,000 resident elephants.

  • Sydney

    Sydney's Bondi Beach is a mecca for surfers whilst adventurers that prefer to stay on land can climb the emblematic Sydney Harbour Bridge for unrivalled panoramic views of the cityscape. The Blue Mountains beckon thrill-seekers for camping, trekking and abseiling, whilst hikers can walk to the Three Sister's rock formation which towers imposingly over the rest of the landscape.


When you think of a summer getaway, sprawling powder-white beaches giving out onto a glittering sea is often what springs to mind first. While it is undeniably important to catch up on some hard-earned R&R on your holidays, you don't have to be a die-hard intrepid adventurer to enjoy our pick of this year's top adventure holidays.

From rainforest raucous in Costa Rica to white-knuckle skydiving over Rio's cinematic skyline, there are a plethora of outdoors activities that beckon visitors from far and wide each year. Patagonia has been nicknamed the Eighth Wonder of the World and Italy's Aeolian Islands are home to some of the world's most dramatic volcanic landscapes. This is bucket-list stuff we're talking about here.

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