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Sustainable "farm to plane" meals to be offered by Singapore Airlines
Posted on 13/10/2017


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It is an unfortunate truth that at the same time as air travel skyrocketed in popularity, the quality of meals served on commercial flights took a nosedive. Enter Singapore Airlines, the first major airline to serve farm sourced ingredients on their flights.

Soon the airline could be offering culinary quality to all

Soon the airline could be offering culinary quality to all

Speaking about the new menu Marvin Tan, senior vice president of products and services, told the Independent: "Our food and beverage sustainability efforts will further demonstrate and reinforce Singapore Airlines' ongoing efforts to help reduce our carbon footprint and ensure a greener environment."

Having announced its partnership with Singapore Airlines, the sustainable food group Kranji Countryside Association has proclaimed the airline's initiative as a "big milestone". ?It is about time that our local farmers are celebrated internationally and what better way than to offer their produce on one of the world's best airlines," said the association's president Kenny Eng.

The new menu will first be tried by suites customers traveling on selected routes later this year, before eventually being available to all passengers.

However, it should be noted that the airline has not promised to make its entire menu sustainable, but rather use as many sustainable ingredients as possible. There are also few details concerning just how local the produce will be, or how the airline is planning on transporting it, with critics suggesting it could worsen the company's carbon footprint.

Not only will some ingredients for Singapore Airlines come from local farms, the airline is also leading the charge in promoting environmental sustainability by using less meat in its menus and buying its fish from fisheries certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. The new menus are set to revolve around local ingredients sourced from the airlines numerous destinations.