The cheapest destinations of 2017 by month
Posted on 27/12/2016

NatureUnited Arab Emirates

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Next year will offer a wealth of opportunities for budding travellers and holidaymakers. We're giving you our suggestions of 12 fabulous destinations to put in your calendar and the months where you can maximise your savings.

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  • January: United Arab Emirates
    January: United Arab Emirates

    Experience your own one thousand and one nights in Arabia, or rather 30, and spend your January in the United Arab Emirates. A city of extreme wealth and architectural decadence, visit in January and you won't have to be a tycoon or oligarch to enjoy it.

  • February: Thailand
    February: Thailand

    Beautiful beaches, mountainous landscapes, mystical natural phenomena, Thailand also boasts the status of being one of the cheapest long-haul destinations. Many of the best hotel deals are to be found in February, as well as the cheapest flights.

  • March: Singapore
    March: Singapore

    Sticking with long-haul beginnings to the year, our next destination is the stunning island nation of Singapore. A place of stark and startling contrasts, you can compare and contrast the best deals on offer here.

  • April: Sweden
    April: Sweden

    With its bottomless treasure chest of forests, lakes, and glens, Sweden is a magnet for nature-lovers. April sees the fraying of the Scandinavian winter and the arrival of a gorgeous spring where temperatures become far more bearable. More bearable still are the great prices on flights.

  • May: Czech Republic
    May: Czech Republic

    Pick May to be your month where you travel to the charming Czech Republic. This is the best time to make the most of reduced air fares and cheap accommodation.


When planning the trip of a lifetime, it doesn't have to clean out your piggy bank. Thanks to a survey carried out by Expedia, we now know which destinations have the best value for money and at which time of year. The results are in, and some come as quite a surprise.

From the opulent and extravagent UAE, to the refreshing friendliness of Ireland, your year promises to be a magical, epic and, above all, affordable journey. So, if you want to nourish both your wallet and soul, check out our calendar for the best affordable destinations of 2017.

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