The crazy moniker given to Sydney's newest harbor vessel
Posted on 14/11/2017


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Ferry McFerryface. It's no joke. This really is the name of one of Sydney's new ferries, chosen, in all seriousness, by the general public.

Sydney's iconic harbor has a new fleet of ferries

Sydney's iconic harbor has a new fleet of ferries
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Sydney is welcoming a new and improved fleet of inner harbor vessels which will operate around the city's iconic harbor. The new fleet will cater for up to 400 people and features Wi-Fi access, electronic charging stations and most importantly, improved accessibility for passengers. However, these new features are not the primary reason as to why so much media attention has been generated by the new fleet. The public were encouraged to vote for the name of one of the vessels, and the thousands of Sydneysiders who voted have come up with a rather silly moniker.

Through 'Name Your Ferry', over 15,000 Sydney residents were able to have their say in the naming of one of the new harbor fleet's boats; it was viewed as a great way for the people of Sydney to become involved with and contribute to the maritime history of their city.

The process of naming the boat was taken very seriously and all proposed names were judged by a panel of four notable Australians; Chief director of the Australian Museum, Kim McKay, NSW Young Australian of the Year Melissa Abu-Gazaleh, Patrick Dodd, former NSW Volunteer of the Year, and Kevin Sumption director of the Australian National Maritime Museum.

The results revealed that the name which had amassed the largest number of votes was Boaty McBoatface. Many will recognize this silly title as being one of the entries in a 2016 campaign to find a name for Britain's newest polar research vessel. Boaty McBoatface was also favored by the Aussies, but Sydney didn't want to be considered a copy-cat, as Mr. Constance, Minister for Transport and Infrastructure in Sydney explained to ABC News: "Given Boaty was already taken by another vessel, we've gone with the next most popular name nominated by Sydneysiders."

Sydneysiders opted for Ferry McFerryface. An even more ridiculous spin on Boaty McBoatface in our opinion, although admittedly the chosen moniker has on the whole been positively received and met with a smile.

Meanwhile the five other ferries have been named after famous Australians. These include the notable Australian doctors Victor Chang, Fred Hollows and Catherine Hamlin. The remaining two boats are named after two distinguished Aborigines Bungaree and Pemulwuy.

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