All Aboard The Rave Train
Posted on 26/02/2020


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Germany is presenting to the world the ultimate musical gift - a techno rave inside a high-speed train, and passengers can't get enough of it! Leaving from Nuremberg, the exclusive train known as the "Techno Train Nürnberg" will travel through Bavaria until Munich with no stops, finishing with a bang in the Bavarian capital, with an after-party which location hasn't been revealed yet.

All Aboard The Rave Train

All Aboard The Rave Train
© Aleksandr Papichev/123rf

The special "rave train" consists of 11 carriages where people will be able to party, with 2 smoking coaches coming with dance floors, one of them built as a chill-out lounge, and eight non-smoking standard coaches where there will be music and dance floors all around.

Electronic music being one of the most popular genre amongst partygoers, this train will undoubtedly become a dream come true for music and travel lovers. Last year's passengers had been able to dance away in various venues such as the Elferturum, Bar Lambada, and Haus 33 in Nuremberg while those who were willing to keep on raving until the next day were able to attend an after party at the Die Rakete.

The Techno Rave Train has featured in the past famous artists such as Sebastian Grot and Klanglos and it will welcome about twenty artists this year on Saturday 30 May, although their identity remains unknown.

Last year, more than 600 people took part in this unique rave between Nuremberg and Munich and there are plans for similar musical adventures on the way, which frankly could not thrill us any more. May the party be with you!