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Six notoriously cursed locations
Posted on 31/10/2015


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From inexplicable natural occurrences to alleged extra-terrestrial activity we look at the top cursed locations in the world

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  • Straits of Messina, Italy
    Straits of Messina, Italy

    This thin stretch of water that connects the most eastern part of Sicily to the western tip of Calabria is well known to be associated with ancient myths of a cursed part of the world. The natural whirlpool that is created by the unique marine ecosystem has been linked to the Greek legend of Scylla and Charybdis.

  • Bermuda Triangle
    Bermuda Triangle

    There is an imaginary triangle surrounding the tiny Atlantic island which is referred to now following the extremely mysterious disappearances of planes and boats that enter the phantom area between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico. Many pilots and captains are very superstitious when it comes to travelling through the cursed space due to so many freak accidents that seem unexplainable.

  • Jharia, India
    Jharia, India

    Jharia is famous for the coal field fire that has bizarrely burnt underground for well over a century. The constantly burning ground has always seemed a very curious natural occurrence which over time has caused various incidents of destruction which have led people to believe it is cursed land.

  • Kasanka National Park, Zambia
    Kasanka National Park, Zambia

    By mid-November every year around eight million bats migrate to the small national park in Zambia, which is allegedly the highest density biomass of mammals in one place in the world as well as the greatest mammal migration known to man. The dark bats that fill the skies above the African plains can seem very haunting.

  • Nevada Triangle, USA
    Nevada Triangle, USA

    In reference to the Bermuda triangle, the area in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range has been branded the Nevada triangle due to the number of tragic aeroplane crashes. People have claimed that the triangle, whose vertices are at Reno in Nevada, Fresno in California, and Las Vegas in Nevada, is related to extra-terrestrial activity.


As Halloween is here once again it is time to seek out the top cursed locations on the planet, where one should be glad they are not spending the haunting holiday! Frightful atmospheres and strange happenings make these spots the creepiest and most intriguing places.


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