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U-turn for the UK, allowing unrestricted travel for 75 countries
Posted on 02/07/2020

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In a pretty big u-turn regarding its controversial quarantine rules for people entering the country, the UK has said it will now lift its ban on non-essential travel and will allow unrestricted travel for almost all EU destinations, as well as Bermuda, Gibraltar, Turkey, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand.

Restarting tourism

Restarting tourism
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The original 2-week quarantine measures set up by British government have put a big strain on the tourism and travel industry, but the government said last Friday it would allow free travel with countries such as France, Greece and Spain.

In new discussions, the UK is now talking about a "traffic-light" system allowing free travel with some countries. Simon Clarke, a local government minister, commented: "We will provide this announcement as soon as it is safe. We will be talking further about this this week. Clearly we want to get the tourism sector back on its feet as quickly as we can and I'm sure that we will be able to give good news in the near future."

Original dates for "air bridges" announcements have now been missed, and the Telegraph reported there would actually be 75 countries allowed unrestricted travel with Great Britain.

Paul Charles, spokesman for the Quash Quarantine group, said: "It's to be welcomed that the government is effectively abandoning travel corridors and blanket quarantine measures, and enabling travel again to such a wide group of countries.

"When confirmed, we will get certainty again in our sector which is badly needed. Each day that goes by without confirmation means fewer bookings and more job losses. It's time the government levelled with the British people on its travel policy, instead of going round and round in circles before making any decision."

These new measures will select specific countries according to infection rates and increase in cases, which means it will probably exclude countries such as Sweden, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, the US, Brazil, Chile and Mexico.