Posted on 18/05/2020

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The UK to enter level three of lockdown as infections fall

The UK has had one of the lowest daily increases since the end of March, with 170 deaths yesterday, which means the country will soon be able to move to level three of the COVID-19 lockdown. 34,636 people have died so far though, which calls for careful measures and attentive steps.

Careful steps

Careful steps

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"Throughout the period of lockdown we have been at Level four. Thanks to you, people across the country, we have collectively helped to bring the R level down. We are now in a position to begin moving to level 3, in careful steps," said Business Secretary Alok Sharma yesterday.

There are five levels and the UK was on level four, which means the situation is "severe", whereas level three means it is "substantial".

And the government has been taking careful steps and closely monitoring the situation, according to Sharma, who said the first steps were allowing those who cannot work from home to return to their jobs, as well as allowing unlimited exercise and sitting down outside.

"We have set out the first of three steps we will take to carefully modify the measures, gradually ease the restrictions and begin to allow people to return to their usual way of life while avoiding a disastrous second peak that overwhelms the NHS.", Sharma continued.

The death toll is the highest in Europe though, and as of now there have been a total of 244,995 COVID-19 cases in the country.

For restrictions to be lifted, new cases and the death rate need to fall dramatically, but there also needs to be enough PPE available for medics, the government needs to make sure that the NHS will not get overwhelmed, and most importantly that relaxing measures will not cause a second peak.