Posted on 23/04/2016

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25 incredible experiences to have in the USA before you die

No life is complete without being able to say, "I've done all 25 things on this list and I can now die happy".

1. Rub your eyes at the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has an international draw, bringing in everyone from tick-box tourists to serious hikers and adventurers. You won't believe its magnificence until you see it for yourself. - ahisgett/flickr

2. Eat a pizza slice in New York

America has a lot of food that needs sampling so its impossible to say where to begin. Pizza slices from a family run joint in Manhattan isn't a bad place to start... - micronova/flickr

3. Party at a Honky Tonk in Nashville

Everyone needs to dance with a real life cowboy at some point in their life and there's no better place to tick this off the bucket list than at a spit and sawdust honky tonk bar in Nashville. - niseag03/flickr

4. Road trip the historic Route 66

The Mother of all road trips, the world-famous Route 66 has been the subject of books and songs since it was built 90 years ago. Stick on some of your favourite albums and cruise from Chicago to LA in style. - ?Caveman Chuck? Coker/flickr

5. Cycle across the Golden Gate bridge

There is no better way to appreciate this feat of engineering than on two wheels. If you are scared of heights, do not look down... - Tom Hilton/flickr

6. Stuff yourself with southern fried chicken

Where else better to try world-renowned southern fried chicken than in the deep south, preferably straight off a barbeque... - pasa47/flickr

7. Drive the Pacific Coast highway in a soft top

Blow the cobwebs away and lap up the beautiful ocean views on another of USA's historic roads. - digitizedchaos/flickr

8. Do Florida's theme parks

Hop between the world's best adventure theme parks to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal to Magic Kingdom at Disney World. - SnapAdik/flickr

9. See the autumn colours on the East coast

Hoards of tourists make the trek to see one of nature's most vibrant shows but there is more than enough autumnal glory for everyone. - InAweofGod'sCreation/flickr

10. Do an architecture tour of Chicago

You could wander through the streets of Chicago endlessly gazing at the weird and wonderful buildings that fill its streets but instead get a tour and you'll be properly in the know. - Conal Gallagher/flickr

11. Stay on a ranch

Forget what WiFi is on the ultimate outdoor experience. Learn to heard cattle and go for scenic rides on the plains. - Laramie River Dude Ranch/flickr

12. Take a cruise on Alaskan fjords

It's easy to see why Alaska is one of the world's most popular cruise destinations with its stunning fjords, looming mountains, huge floating icebergs and chance of seeing humpback whales. - © Gregory "Slobirdr" Smith/flickr

13. Go to a sports game

Get a portion of nachos and a beer and enjoy the range of sports you can only find on the north American continent. - Sam Howzit/flickr

14. Go rafting in Colorado

Surrounded by the spectacular scenary of the Grand Canyon, the Colorado river is one of the best places to raft in the world. - Ranger Robb/flickr

15. See a live volcano in Hawaii

Kilauea is in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island, and is one of the few places on earth where you can get up close and personal with bubbling lava. - jeiline/flickr

16. Go to a show on Broadway

The allure of the lights of Broadway are enough to reduce anyone to childish excitement... - Cliffano/flickr

17. Burning Man festival

This is the mother of all festivals, where a creative and temporary wonderland is built in the middle of the desert. There you'll find artistic installations, themed camps and, of course, a giant effigy that is burned at the end. - b o w n o s e/flickr

18. Arches national park in Utah

This national park is truly mesmorising and another must see for lovers of the outdoors. - jungle jim3/flickr

19. Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard

Probably the most clichéd and touristy thing to do in the States is cruising down the boulevards of the home of the USA film industry and perhaps even taking a photo of the Walk of Fame. However it is still a must. - shinya/flickr

20. Soak up some tunes in Memphis

Head here and similarly to New Orleans to follow in the footsteps of some music legends like Elvis, Johnny Cash, BB King and Bob Dylan. - Mr. Littlehand/flickr

21. Cruise the Mississippi

This great river is bound to American cultural identity; it joins historic cities such as New Orleans, Minneapolis, and Memphis, is home to the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and played a major role in the Civil War. - Traveloscopy/flickr

22. Visit Yosemite National park

Another one of USA's stunning national parks, Yosemite is home to awe-inspiring natural beauty. - akasped/flickr

23. Roll the dice in Las Vegas

This is a place everyone in the world should see. Emerging straight out of the desert, Vegas is a paradise for lovers of everything over the top! Whether or not you partake in the gambling, there is plenty for you to marvel at here. - Moyan_Brenn/flickr

24. Hike to see the huge redwood trees

In south California, the incomparable Sequoia National Park is filled with some of the world's most majestic trees. Truly a sight to behold, these cannot be missed. - Kirt Edblom/flickr

25. Soak up Washington DC

Though you might not be able to get in the White House, the view of its lawns, and the tantalising hope that you may see the presidential helicopter flying in, makes it worth seeing. - © szeke/flickr

Like anywhere in the world, you could spend months and months exploring the huge surface area of the United States of America and never even scratch the surface. But this particular bucket list should mean that you can die knowing you've seen the creme de la creme of the USA...