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The world's most inappropriate selfie spots
Posted on 10/05/2016


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We're all guilty of snapping a self-gratifying selfie every once in a while, but these inappropriate posers have taken things a selfie too far...

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  • Auschwitz concentration camp
    Auschwitz concentration camp

    This girl obviously didn't realise that Auschwitz is not, and never will be, a selfie-suitable spot.

  • Tunisian beach massacre
    Tunisian beach massacre

    Even politicians are guilty of it... Labour candidate Amran Hussain recently sparked fury by posing for selfie at the scene of the 2015 Tunisian beach massacre.

  • Holocaust Memorial, Berlin
    Holocaust Memorial, Berlin

    The Holocaust Memorial in Berlin isn't really the place for a selfie, let alone with a thumbs up. Thumbs down to this boy...

  • Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
    Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

    This Twitter user later posted an apology on selfiesatseriousplaces.tumblr.com after his picture was featured on the blog.

  • Ground Zero
    Ground Zero

    A lovely couple's photo in front of Ground Zero? We don't think so.


These days, the majority of our travel snaps boil down to selfies. Whatever the time, wherever the place, it seems we can't be satisfied with an experience or a view until we've captured it as a pretty background to our face.

But every once in a while, you'll find someone whose selfie desire is so great that they'll break social and moral protocol to get the perfect snap. Just look at the tourist who smashed a 126-year-old statue in Lisbon this week whilst trying to pose next to it.

But he's far from the only extreme selfie taker. In 2015, a group of tourists were arrested in Malaysia for having posed naked for a selfie at one of the country's sacred sites and Mumbai was forced to create 'selfie-free zones' after a string of deaths in the city. We take a look at other spots you should avoid snapping selfies...


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