Theme park workers reveal the strangest things they've ever seen
Posted on 13/06/2016

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Theme parks are places of craziness, and these workers have definitely seen it all...

Current and previous employees of some of the world's most popular amusement parks have taken to a recent Reddit thread to share some of their strangest tales from the job. From thrill-seeking animals, to pot-smoking colleagues, find out what goes on behind the scenes while visitors are getting their thrills on the rides.

What's the strangest thing you've ever seen in a theme park?

What's the strangest thing you've ever seen in a theme park? / Darrell Godliman

Smuggled chickens
One family tried to get on a ride with a large backpack, but were told to leave it at the gate. The Reddit user wrote: "The ride guys noticed it was strangely heavy and felt like something was moving when they went to store it for them, so they looked inside...Chickens. They'd been sneaking chickens onto the ride." The worker also added that later that day local roads were shut down after the same family tried to shoot a pheasant.

Terrible parents
One user was appalled when they "had a mom audibly wish her kids had cancer when I let a Make-A-Wish kid go in front of her...Never did I want to punch someone in the face more than that day."
Another wrote: "I have been that wish parent and would gladly have waited in the line rather than go through over two years of chemo with a three year old."

Toilet troubles
According to one Redditor, people defecate "everywhere" in theme parks. The user wrote: "I've seen a grown woman squat behind a bush and then scurry away as if there's not a bathroom every 100 feet."

Awful accidents
Although accidents are very rare at amusement parks, they can happen. One reddit user claimed to have been working while a number of incidents occurred, including a colleague being decapitated by a roller coaster, a ride leaving customers stuck upside down for three hours, riders being sprayed with sparks after something on a roller coaster broke and was dragged along the tracks, and a loaded gun being found in a bathroom.

Creepy customers
Some theme parks have banned registered sex offenders or customers who have acted inappropriately towards other visitors or staff. One user said the theme park they worked at banned a man who had been a regular visitor for more than 10 years after they discovered he was scouring social media websites for girls who worked at the park and sending them inappropriate photos of himself.

Crazy colleagues
One Reddit user said they learned to operate the rides from a senior employee who was a "madman." The worker wrote: "I saw him ride the swinging ship by standing in the centre and holding onto the mast decoration...He apparently hung from the Paratrooper ride while it was spinning around...The guy smoked up on the job. I remember seeing the train ride travel through his pot cloud once. How he managed to stay employed at the park for so long, I'll never know."

Celebrity parties
In the past, celebrities have been known to rent an entire theme park or sections of it for parties or a private day out. A Redditor who claimed to be an employee of a theme park in Phoenix said it was rented by an award-winning actor and singer for a Super Bowl after-party.
"[They] Tore apart every game from the arcade and replaced them with bars and the likes," read the post. "The celebrity had to pay for repairs to rides out of his own pocket."

Candyfloss mess
While you may think of it simply as a tasty treat, candyfloss can create a real mess. One worker revealed: "Cotton candy was the worst. Making it might sound like fun. And it is maybe twice, but some of the sugar shoots back at you, impossible to avoid. And it's hot so it really sticks to your scalp. You go home with sugar sired to you. One shampooing is not going to do it."


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