This drive-thru Christmas market may have saved the festive season in Germany
Posted on 02/12/2020


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As Christmas markets around the world begin to close down, this Bavarian inn-keeper found an innovative way to keep his market up and running. He was successful in turning the Bavarian folk festival of Auer Dult into a drive-thru festival, and this time he's doing the same thing, but with a Christmas market!

Saving the Christmas spirit

Saving the Christmas spirit
© Roman Babakin/123RF

The second wave of the pandemic has forced many European countries to shut down, and consequently the biggest season of the year has been hit too. Many Christmas markets have had no alternative than to shut down for the year and this has been a huge blow to communities that look forward to these colourful markets during the festive season.

Despite the gruelling circumstances, not all is lost. This Christmas, Patrick Schmidt, the owner and chef of Zollhaus Brauereigaststätte, opened his very own Christmas market an hour away from Munich. You need not get out of your car to wander around this market, because you will be able to drive by all the neat shops and stalls. Earlier this year, Patrick Schmidt had created a drive-thru event for the Bavarian folk festival of Auer Dult and this Christmas he thought of recreating a similar experience but with Christmas markets. When in conversation with Reuters, Patrick said, "It was a spontaneous idea because of the second lockdown. I thought the Dult drive-in also worked so why not a Christmas market drive-in?"

Drive-thru Christmas market

Patrick Schmidt opened the Christkindl Drive-in on November 12 and visitors are welcomed every week from Thursday to Sunday, between 11 am and 8 pm. Schmidt has included all the best food stalls in his market, offering delicious delights like sausages with sauerkraut, mulled wine, punch and crepes. However, for Schmidt, this market is much more than the knick knacks he sells, it's about the joy of Christmas and persevering through the tough year that everyone has endured. "We don't just sell a crepe or a pack of roasted almonds, we sell an experience," he expressed.

As the pandemic continues to destroy lives, communities and the economy, this Christmas market has come at the perfect time to restore hope and spread the Christmas cheer. It is possible that Patrick Schmidt's drive-thru market will be replicated in other cities and countries, and if that becomes a reality, it might just save Christmas everywhere.