This holiday resort has extended its services to hedgehogs who are going into hibernation
Posted on 03/11/2020

EnvironmentUnited Kingdom

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This is the time of year where the coveted hedgehogs of the UK go into hibernation and Parkdean Resorts has opened up a holiday home just for these cute little creatures.

Saving the hedgehogs

Saving the hedgehogs
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The population of British hedgehogs have been dwindling since the 1950s, with a 98 percent decrease in the past 68 years, and they have been officially added to the list of endangered species. During the hibernation season,. these woodland creatures are vulnerable to many risks created by humans and wild predators. In order to save the population, this resort has created the world's first miniature holiday park for hedgehogs to peacefully hibernate in. They started this initiative in their White Cross Bay Holiday Park, which is located in the Lake District, and they hope to expand to other resorts in the nation. The Chief Customer Officer of Parkdean Resorts, Catherine Lynn, expressed that this was a project that could grab the attention of the public and encourage them to play an active role in the conservation of this wild species. "We hope this world's first [hedgehog park] will inspire people to support our prickly pals at their most vulnerable time of year," she said.

Hibernation getaway

This holiday park is equipped with little cabins that the hedgehogs sleep in, without being disturbed. The cabins are not only safe, but they make for a beautiful stay as well. They're decorated with elegant french doors, and a tiny balcony. The park is also filled with streets and gardens for the hedgehogs to explore, however they probably won't be seen out and about from November to April since they'll be asleep most of the time.

Apart from housing hedgehogs, this initiative also hopes to educate the public on how to take care of the hedgehogs around them. Through this holiday park, they aim to show people the ways in which they can help provide safe resting places for hedgehogs that live in their locality. They give people tips on what kind of accommodations they can build for wild hedgehogs, what materials they can use and what to do if they find a hedgehog in need of help.

Autumn is a particularly hazardous time for hedgehogs and finding a warm place for hibernation is not an easy task. They are exposed to many dangers primarily posed by human activites. They risk being run over by cars, bikes and most of all, they might get burnt by the bonfires that are frequently lit in the forests during the colder seasons. Katy South, the co-founder of a rescue and rehabilitation centre for hedgehogs, called Prickles and Paws, warns the public that their bonfires could be lethal to the hedgehog population. "Bonfires are usually fairly dry at the centre which, for a hedgehog looking for a warm, dry and sheltered spot, can seem like ideal places to nest. It's therefore very important to make sure there are no hedgehogs hiding in a bonfire before it is lit," advises Katy.

It is estimated that the British hedgehog could go extinct in two years if the appropriate measures are not taken to safeguard the existing population. If you want to learn more about how you can help protect these animals then visit Parkdean Resorts.