Tokyo Disneyland's biggest expansion to open on September 28
Posted on 25/09/2020


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Hold on to your hats because Tokyo Disneyland is finally revealing their largest expansion yet. After three years of construction, they're ready to unveil all that they've been working on and it's a big disney extravaganza. There will be new attractions, restaurants and shops in Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and Toontown. A brand new range of magical experiences featuring famous disney stars are now available to the guests of this famed theme park.

Explore new worlds

Explore new worlds
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The world of Beauty and the Beast will be coming alive in Tokyo Disneyland. In the latest ride, guests will be able to sit in giant cups and enjoy the scenes of the movie that are played by the amazing animatronics that have been setup. The ride will be eight minutes long and will move in rhythm to the popular soundtracks of the film. If that doesn't immerse guests into Belle's world then the shops and restaurants surely will. This attraction is in Fantasyland and there are three new locations for guests to grab some food at. The first dining option is La Taverne de Gaston. Guests will be able to enjoy delicious baked goodies like a Big Bite Croissant and Hunter's Pie, while checking out all of Gaston's hunting trophies that fill the restaurant. His sidekick also has a brand new stall called Le Fou, that sells warm caramel apple churros. Le Petit Popper is the final snacking stop and it offers fresh buttery popcorn.

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Tokyo Disneyland has included a brand new ride that was inspired by the Oscar-winning Disney animation, Big Hero 6 in their futuristic park Tomorrowland. This addition will undoubtedly attract a lot of guests because it features everyone's favorite cuddly robot, Baymax. This one and a half minute ride is driven by Baymax himself and is accompanied by a fancy light show that moves with the music. Tomorrowland has a brand new popcorn stand which is different from Le Petit Popper. The Big Pop has multiple flavors, some of which are truly original like Cookies and Cream, Caramel and Cheese and Strawberry Milk!

Finally, there's a new meet and greet session with the world famous Minnie Mouse at Minnie's Style Studio in Toontown. Fans can step into Minnie's workshop and see how she designs and creates her statement pieces. They can also get their photo taken with her at her photo studio. To celebrate the opening of Minnie's Style Studio there is going to be a new line of Minnie merchandise that will be released in stores and on the Tokyo Disney Resort app on September 28.

There is more to the Tokyo Disneyland expansion like Fantasyland Forest Theatre and Mickey's Magical Music World, however these will be open to visitors at a later date.