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The most dangerous tourist destinations
Posted on 23/05/2017 , Modified on 17/11/2017


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Our planet has some truly breathtakingly beautiful spots; unfortunately there is also a great many exceedingly dangerous places. However sometimes a place is only as beautiful as it is dangerous, with that in mind here is a list of our favorite stunning yet dangerous places to go.

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  • These places are as beautiful as they are dangerous
    These places are as beautiful as they are dangerous
  • Blue Hole - Belize
    Blue Hole - Belize

    The Blue Hole in Belize is perhaps one of the most famous 'bucket list' diving destinations in the world. While you will not see us questioning its beauty, after all anyone can see how absolutely magnificent it is, it does require divers to be highly experienced as it has been described as a very challenging dive.

  • Snake Island - Brazil
    Snake Island - Brazil

    As far as we are concerned the name says it all. Known locally as 'lha da Queimada Grande' it can be found off the coast of Brazil. The island's claim to fame is that it is called home by the critically endangered, venomous Bothrops insularis (golden lancehead pit viper) - one of the rarest, and most venomous snakes in the world. Numerous fatalities over the years, as well as the snakes' endangered status have forced the Brazilian government to close the island to public. What is perhaps even more worrying is that lha da Queimada Grande is one of MANY snake islands in the world...

  • Lake Natron - Tanzania
    Lake Natron - Tanzania

    Lake Natron is quite simply put a natural wonder. Found in the Arusha Region of northern Tanzania, Lake Natron is what is known as a salt and soda lake. The temperature of the water can rise as high as 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit) and the alkaline water in Lake Natron has a pH of 10.5 which makes it so caustic it can burn the skin and eyes of animals that aren't adapted to it. The high evaporation rates, as well as the salt and soda concentration, mean that it is an extremely unhospitable environment for fauna; however specific microorganisms do thrive in it and in the process give it its unforgettable red color.

  • Pripyat - Ukraine
    Pripyat - Ukraine

    What makes Pripyat so incredible is the fact that it is a perfect case study of how nature can take over a town if left unchecked. Walking through this ghost town in Eastern Ukraine one gets an eerie look into what the planet would be like several decades after mankind disappeared. We should however mention that Pripyat was built to house people who worked at the nearby Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant... After the Chernobyl Disaster the city was evacuated due to extreme levels of radiation. While background radiation has significantly decreased over the years it is still not advised to spend too long wondering through this city.


From an underwater 'blue hole' to the windiest mountain top sometimes while in pursuit of truly awe-inspiring beauty we have to put our own lives on the line. The places we have listed in this article are only as beautiful as they are dangerous and as dangerous as they are beautiful. While we cannot, in good conscience, suggest you travel to some of these locations what we do advise is for you to bask in their natural splendor through the safe medium of your laptop and mobile phone screens.

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