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The world's 10 most dangerous beaches
Posted on 25/02/2017


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Sharks and hungry piranhas, gigantic waves, venomous jellyfish, treacherous volcanoes, theft and violence: discover the most dangerous beaches in the world.

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  • Fraser Island, Australia
    Fraser Island, Australia

    The largest sandy island in the world is also home to some hazardous beaches. Despite its postcard-worthy appearance, many of Fraser Island's beaches don't allow swimming - and for good reason. The waters are inhabited by deadly stinging jellyfish, sharks, and hungry crocodiles. Danger is also found on the white sand where there are more than a hundred dingoes with aggressive tendencies.

  • New Smyrna Beach, Florida
    New Smyrna Beach, Florida

    According to National Geographic's 'Shark Attack Facts', New Smyrna beach is the "world capital of shark attacks". One commentor wrote: "it seems that the attacks are more frequent during the month of September".

  • Cairns Beaches, Australia
    Cairns Beaches, Australia

    In Australia, on the Cairns beaches and in Darwin, it isn't the big sharks that prevent people from swimming, but a small animal called the Chironex Fleckeri. It is a deadly species of jellyfish, nicknamed "the hand of death", and millions of them swim in the waters.

  • Playa Zipolite, Mexico
    Playa Zipolite, Mexico

    This beach is called the "Beach of the Dead" because of the number of accidents that have occurred here. This slice of "paradise", between the sun and crystal-clear waters, has very powerful currents and huge waves that take everything away with them.

  • Gansbaai Beach, South Africa
    Gansbaai Beach, South Africa

    Danger: great white sharks. If the film Jaws traumatised you we advise against diving here! It is the beach with the highest concentration of white sharks per cubic metre.


With all the rain, cold and snow that winter has brought us, it may be time to get planning for a warmer, sun-kissed beach holiday. For all of us this brings to mind beautiful beaches with soft white sand, splashed by gentle turquoise waves; the perfect, paradise locations to relax in.

It is easy to imagine the long list of stunning, tranquil beaches in the world, however you mustn't rely on appearances only. Some beaches promise paradise but ensure hell. Fierce waves, thunderstorms, crocodiles, sharks, and other beasts that will tarnish your ideas of a serene beach haven. From Brazil to Australia, these are some of the most dangerous beaches in the world - watch out!

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