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Into the wild: Canada's rugged landscape by train
Posted on 11/03/2017


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It's now all too possible to cross Canada from the Atlantic coastline to the Pacific. From golden prairie fields to the jagged peaks of The Rockies, you can discover the country's rugged landscape from the comfort of a carriage on an unforgettable train ride.

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  • The Rockies
    The Rockies

    This cordillera is a staggering 1,500 metres long, and you've got the best seat in the house.

  • Mount Robson
    Mount Robson

    At a majestic 3,954 metres of height, this is the highest peak of the Rockies.

  • Moose Lake
    Moose Lake

    This aptly named lake is a hotspot for seeing moose, and lying in Alberta, isn't far from the Rockies.

  • Yellowhead Lake
    Yellowhead Lake

    Another of the gems of the lake country, Yellowhead Lake flows into the upper Fraser River above Moose Lake.

  • Jasper National Park
    Jasper National Park

    This is the largest of the Canadian national parks in the heart of the Rockies. The landscapes are just as stunning in winter as in summer.


Did you know that with just two different trains, you can practically cross the whole of Canada? Train company VIA Rail Canada now allows you cross from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast of the vast territory.

The luxurious Canadian - the better-known of the two - takes passengers from Toronto to Vancouver, stopping at hotspots such as Jasper, Saskatoon and Winnipeg. whilst the Ocean line links Halifax and Montreal.

You can enjoy the ever-changing Canadian landscape thanks to gargantuan glass windows, and absorb the panoramic views in the mountain air on one of the stopovers of the journey. Scroll through the photos above to get an idea of exactly what you'll come across on this epic train journey.

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