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Travel lockdown to be considered for London and other areas
Posted on 04/08/2020

TransportUnited Kingdom

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Because of a potential second wave of Covid-19, the government has declared local transport networks and airports could be shut down, in order to protect badly affected areas.

New measures

New measures
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Boris Johnson's official spokesperson even commented: "If you look at the Contain strategy which we published just over two weeks ago, it sets out within there the possibility of putting in place restrictions on travel, if there is an area that is particularly badly affected, and one of the steps within that potentially includes closing down local transport networks.

"So, it's there, it's contained in the document. It's not a new thing. We've informed the public and politicians of that being a potential action that we can take. But to be clear it is not something specific to London or anywhere else, it is something which would be used if there was a specific outbreak in a town or city or localised area."

This comes after a wave of new cases in Manchester and parts of the north, where new lockdown measures have had to be reimposed last week.

According to sources, there could also be new restrictions on households meetings, as well as shielding measures for the over-50s.

Business minister Nadhim Zahawi commented: "We constantly look at how the virus is behaving. If we see the virus spreading in a particular way in London, as we?ve seen in Manchester and West Yorkshire, where it's spreading through people coming into another person's home and that's the way it's spread, then we will discuss that with the police and we will not hesitate to act."

"What I would say is look at the way we're dealing with it, whether in Leicester or Manchester and West Yorkshire and East Lancashire or elsewhere. We will actually follow how the virus is behaving and how it is being transmitted between people and then act accordingly."