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This country has world's most expensive passport
Posted on 23/11/2015 , Modified on 24/11/2015


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If you thought forking out 72.50 for a British passport was extortionate, think again.

There aren't many places in the world where travel comes cheap. For a standard British adult first or renewal passport, citizens shell out a cool 72.50 - even more than that when you add on checking and posting. But compare it to other countries around the world, and the price begins to sound a lot more reasonable.

Pricy passports

Pricy passports
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According to website GoEuro, a Turkish passport is the most expensive to obtain at the equivalent of 165.60. This means that a person earning the federal minimum wage would need to put in 95 hours of work to cover the cost of a passport.

Compare that to Mexico, where the cost of a passport is lower (102.30) but where it would take a minimum wage earner 266 hours on the job to make up the price. In Britain, that time drops to just 10.8 hours for a minimum wage earner.

On the other side of the coin, a United Arab Emirates passport will set you back just 9 and two hours of minimum wage work to cover. But a separate study carried out by GoEuro also found that it was amongst the least powerful passports in the world, allowing its holders visa free entry into just 77 countries.

At the top of the rankings, Sweden passport holders have visa free entry into 174 different countries, along with Finland, Germany, UK and USA. But compared to the 72.50 for a British passport, Swedish passports only cost 28.40 - the equivalent of working for just one hour on the country's minimum wage.

The definitive GoEuro rankings are:
Turkey: 165.60
Australia: 136
Switzerland: 104.90
Mexico: 102.30
United States: 89.10
Italy: 89.10
Canada: 87.80
Japan: 75.90
New Zealand: 75.90
United Kingdom: 72.50


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