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Northern gem: 15 reasons to visit Yorkshire
Posted on 17/03/2017

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It may lack the glitz of the south coast or the hustle and bustle of London, but Yorkshire quietly boasts rolling countryside and picturesque towns home to historical relics. Often sidelined in favour of better-known destinations in the UK, these 15 reasons will convince you of the charms of the North.

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  • The Yorkshire Dales
    The Yorkshire Dales

    At the heart of these emerald-covered expanses lie two very special places. The Yorkshire Dales National Park and the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty are protected areas and showcase the finest of Yorkshire's untouched landscape. Each side of the Dales has a different character - the Northern Dales provide wild heather moorland and drystone walls while its southern counterpart is less remote yet still quietly striking.

  • Malham Cove
    Malham Cove

    Malham is a small village in the Pennines at the southern base of the Yorkshire Dales. A trickling stream peters through the village to give it a quintessentially Northern charm. Just over half a mile north lies Malham Cove - an impressive limestone feature that was formed at the end of the last Ice Age more than 12,000 years ago.

  • Hebden Bridge
    Hebden Bridge

    Voted the "fourth funkiest town in the world", the "best small market town in the UK" and "the greatest town in Europe", Hebden croons over the lofty hillside, hundreds of feet above the Bridge itself. In the 1970s the bohemian village served as a haven for writers and artists, and its creative identity continues today, in its atmosphere, artisanal shops and galleries.

  • Settle and Carlisle Railway
    Settle and Carlisle Railway

    Journey back to another time with one of Britain's most impressive railways and steam trains. The original fleet of 49 Peppercorn-designed locomotives were scrapped in the 1960s as diesel replaced steam, but trainspotters have been celebrating a re-launch this year with a new engine based on the original design. The railway itself is one of a kind, providing unrivalled views of the seemingly infinite swathes of green below.

  • Haworth

    Home of the famous Brontė sisters, Haworth is an undisputed literary mecca. With its historic cobbled Main Street, iconic revelance and undulating moors, the picturesque charms of this Airedale village exude a old-worldy grace that makes you feel like an insect in amber; lost in another time.


From the endless expanses of lush green dales to the birthplace of the Bronte sisters, Yorkshire offers a plethora of reasons to warrant a trip up north. Craggy cliffs, sprawling beaches and cosmopolitan cities are just some of the attractions beckoning you to visit.

Yorkshire's rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes are a golden combination for a trip to remember. The noticeable price difference when compared to the region's southern counterparts serves as the icing on the cake. After all, it must be pretty special to boast the UK's version of Le Tour de France, right?

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