Cinque Terre: Italy's fabulous five
Posted on 24/02/2017


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Tucked away along the rugged coastline of the Italian Riviera, the rustic towns of the Cinque Terre boast a unique mix of Italian culture and nature to give five little pieces of pastel-coloured heaven.

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  • Manarola

    Despite being the smallest of the five, this quaint town is lively and has its own harbour filled with boats. There are many lovely places to eat and drink (Manarola is famous for its sweet wine) and plenty of caves and rocks to explore around its own little swimming area.


Located on the "Costa Ligure di Levante", part of the La Spezia province on the Italian Riviera, the Cinque Terre is one of the best preserved areas of the Mediterranean, home to five delightful towns, surrounded by natural beauty.

Along five miles of attractive but rocky coastline lie Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Monterosso and Vernazza, which are part of a National Park and land protected by UNESCO. Thanks to historical and geographical reasons no extreme development can be made in the area, which leaves it beautifully isolated with a traffic-free charm.

A trip to the Cinque Terre is a tranquil alternative to some of the busy resorts along the Riviera. These towns hold their traditions close, and each boasts its own dialect and proud heritage.

Apart from being home to some of the best coastal hiking trails in the world with breath-taking views, the area also offers castles, churches, pretty colourful houses, a range of beaches and coves, and unforgettable cuisine.

This seductive corner of the country brings visitors a delicious combination of sun, sea, food, wine and pure, unspoiled Italy. Each town is well connected by hourly trains, making for easy and convenient trips between all five.

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