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10 festivals worth travelling for in March
Posted on 02/03/2017


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From the Mexican heat to the Valencian beat, March boasts an array of festivals around the world that are not to be missed. Be it exploring Bali's temples or kicking off the fiesta Miami-style, this March there's no excuse for spring blues.

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  • Starkbierzeit

    March 10 - 26 Missed Oktoberfest? Panic not, as Starkbierzeit is Munich's answer to the perfect round two. Its name actually translates as "Strong Beer Season", so tread carefully - Starkbierzeit takes no prisoners. Taking place for two weeks in March, this festival harks back to the brewing of Dopplebeck beer by the Paulaner monks. With its events spread across the city's breweries and beerhalls, grab a stein of this same special 7% beer and soak up the Bavarian atmosphere.

  • Hanami

    Entire month From Tokyo or Kyoto to the mountain-top town of Yoshino, March provides unmissable opportunities to see Japan's floral coat. This period of regal natural beauty has become increasingly popular amongst tourists, with the delicate hues of Japan's cherry blossom making the perfect backdrop from dawn until dusk. Picnics and moonlit soirées are both fitting choices for the occasion, but make for an early start with your tarpaulin to bag a good spot on the grass!

  • Holi

    March 13-16 It's no surprise that this Hindu festival in Northern India and Nepal is also known as the Festival of Colour, so prepare to come back from it somewhat resemblant of a Pantone colour chart. This three-day long raucous takes place around the March full moon, and embraces the start of spring. Each region observes their own traditions, but it is the throwing of vibrant-coloured gulal (powder dust) that remains the most iconic symbol of Holi.

  • La Noche de Brujas
    La Noche de Brujas

    Friday March 3 Tap into your spiritual side in Cerro Mono Blanco, on the shore of Laguna Catemaco in Mexico. Dating back to the 1970s, seeking to dispel negative energies of the previous year, La Noche de Brujas is a mish-mash of Catemaco witchcraft, along with indigenous Spanish culture and West African voodoo. Why not visit a shaman or get your tarot cards read while you're there? With witch-doctors coming from all over Mexico for the festival, this magical opportunity is not one to be missed.

  • Las Fallas
    Las Fallas

    March 12 - 19 Unarguably the most impressive and exuberant puppet show that you will ever see, the anarchic celebration of Las Fallas in Valencia attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. And for good reason - where else are you going to see a plethora of papiermâché sculptures up to 15 metres high lining the streets? The night of the March 16 marks the planta, where hundreds of fallas are proudly laid out, and so begin the festivities. Tuck into some of the local delicacies at a paella-cooking competition, and brace yourselves for the grand finale of fireworks.