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WHO is warning people about new coronavirus outbreaks
Posted on 08/07/2020


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According to the World Health Organization, there have been many countries suffering from new cases of coronavirus not too long after easing lockdowns and believing they had the virus under control.

Second upticks

Second upticks
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Margaret Harris, a WHO spokesperson, commented: "We're seeing a lot of upticks, a lot of changes in different countries, countries that had successfully shut down their first transmission are seeing second upticks. If it's anywhere, it's everywhere and people traveling have to understand that", referring in particular to Australia and Hong Kong.

"This virus is widespread and people have to take that very, very seriously. Remember things will change, or may well change", she added.

Because of the spreading in Australia, a lockdown has been put in place in Melbourne on Tuesday, confining people in their homes unless they have essential business to attend.

The UK and European countries have eased their lockdowns over the last two months. Pubs, restaurants and travel to selected countries have also been allowed in England, but what remains is that we need to be careful since new cases are spreading quickly.

The WHO recommends social distancing, washing your hands and avoiding touching your eyes, nose or mouth, as well as wearing a mask on planes.

"If you are flying, there is no way you can social distance in a plane, so you will need to take other precautions including using a face covering", added Harris.