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Flights to Winnipeg increased by over 400% in 2019
Posted on 15/01/2020


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One of Expedia's hottest spots in travel gets down to -20 degrees C in winter.

Windfall visits for Winnipeg

Windfall visits for Winnipeg
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Winnipeg, Canada: known for being the capital of Manitoba, its friendly inhabitants and its frigid temperatures. Winters in Winnipeg are so cold that sometimes cars must be plugged into the wall overnight to keep the engine from freezing.

But according to Expedia, there's more to Manitoba's capital than frigid winters. According to their search engine, flights to Winnipeg went up by nearly 500 percent in 2019. The Canadian cities of Saskatoon and Regina also saw increases of 400 percent or more, and flights to Halifax increased by 365 percent.

Expedia noted in its report that a number of smaller destinations overall have seen a larger increase in flights than more popular destinations such as Paris or New York, but none have come close to Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina and Halifax.

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Winnipeg is home to the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, which opened in September 2014. The museum has been a big draw for visitors, and a spokesperson stated that this past year they had at least one visitor from every US state and at least one visitor from every Canadian province and territory.

It was also noted in the report that tourists were favoring waterfalls over other bodies of water, and that Universal Studios LA received a 350 percent increase in flights.