World's best airlines for dining
Posted on 08/08/2016

TransportUnited Arab Emirates

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On-board meals aren't all bad and these airlines prove it.

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  • In-flight can be good!
    In-flight can be good!

    We all know that enjoying the food on a long flight is almost impossible. From the plastic cutlery to the turbulence, the tasteless fancy-sounding food to the disturbingly-artificial smell, on-board food is never as good as advertised. We've heard the excuse that up in the air our taste buds are simply not as sensitive, but this is just not good enough for us! To prove that edible in-flight meals do exist, we compiled a list of the 10 airlines in the world with the best in-flight food service.

  • 10. Korean Air
    10. Korean Air

    Korean Air offers the freshest, most organic food compared to the rest of the airlines on this list. It refers to its in-flight food service as 'from farm to fly'. No arguing about it: the Jedong Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup in first class is exquisitely delicious. Yet economy has amazing offers, too. The Korean Air bibimbap deserves a Michelin star of its own.

  • 9. Thai Airways
    9. Thai Airways

    Thai food is our all-time favourite but we never thought we'd get to enjoy it up in the air. However, Thai Airways' royal treatment proved us wrong. In economy class, travellers can dig in some outstandingly delicious authentic Thai dishes, like the peanut pad noodles or the chicken curry with potatoes, while first class meals might be just as great as on the streets of Bangkok. The airline's biggest advantage is the impressive range of special requirements menus on offers.

  • 8. Qantas Airways
    8. Qantas Airways

    Qantas has one of the finest inflight dining experience found anywhere in the world. The menus on Qantas' flights feature the freshest seasonal ingredients and change weekly. The airline revultionises the way food ios served on flights by offering super-sized economy meals. Yet the best thing about the food service with Qantas is the drinks that accompany your dinner. From pre take-off Daiquiries to world-class wine collection, Qantas has it all.

  • 7. Air New Zealand
    7. Air New Zealand

    Air New Zealand definitely knows how to arrange a good in-air feast. The airline's business class menu is curated by the acclaimed chef Peter Gordon and the results are finger-liking good. The Moorish chicken with saffron-spiced tomato broth and the cinnamon roasted-pumpkin hummus on the Air New Zealand's flights would make London restaurants jealous. On top of that the wines on board are carefully selected by world-class sommeliers and easily make the flight more bearable.